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Is It Normal? I am right but I’m Crushing on a lady

“I’ve never ever even had a crush for a woman—until recently.”

You’ve got embarrassing, tricky, and life that is otherwise unusual. We’ve got responses. Welcome to Is This Normal?, a no-nonsense, no-judgment advice column from HelloGiggles, by which we tap professionals to find out just how typical (or otherwise not) your position is.

Dear Is This Normal?,

I’m 26 and I’ve constantly considered myself directly. I’ve had two relationships that are serious both of that have been with guys), I’ve dated just men, and I’ve just had intercourse with guys. I’ve never ever even had a crush for a woman—until recently.

I’m considered a worker that is essential have begun to build up feelings for just one of my fellow coworkers that is a woman and openly homosexual. Individuals have historically dated at our workplace, to make certain that’s maybe maybe not the issue…The issue is that we can’t stop considering her, and I also don’t understand whether or not these feelings are valid. We still find males appealing. Continue reading