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I’m an intp women. I’ve in all honesty believed “different” my life. This is certainly a really accurate classification people.

Damn you only see my mind … i think we varied too ..because I got many men friend and sucks at dating and future relationship… i simply enjoy become alone..

*raises hand* INTP right here.

Haha, we exist alongside y’all, INTP feminine here too! Yas!

“We aren’t needy and don’t always restrict, or elsewhere manage you.” Precisely! We imagine it’s stressful to police another individual also to coerce and manipulate them into behaving as to what you deems “appropriate” steps. In addition, gross! That would wanna? On the surface it seems like it will be in an easier way to be honest together with your expectations and stay open together with your mate exactly how you really feel, but I’ve unearthed that the majority of fellas search upon this as some kind of trap, like I’m hidden womanly machinations up my sleeve. Continue reading